“Alpha hand rub Sanitizer”…Health Canada and FDA Approved with 75% Food/Pharma Grade Alcohol formulated to the guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO) . “A complete line of Touch-less Sanitizer Dispensing solutions” that include Wall-mount, Portable Tabletop, Floor Standing and Foot Pedal models.

Septicsol Disinfectant is Health Canada approved that kills 99.9% of germs.

“Bioecozyme” …. Foaming Hand Soap refills, 16% less water usage than regular soap. CFIA approved.

“Septicsol – L/R/D” …. Plant and enzyme based Liquid Concentrate for Septic Tank/holding Tank in RV’s, Boats, portable Toilets, etc. No Toxic chemicals, Degrades waste in an Environmentally friendly manner and eliminates Bad Odour and keeps the Tanks Clean.

“SepticSol-O” …Ready to use Odor Eliminator Spray, Plant based with No Toxic Chemicals, for use by every household and commercial places to eliminate Bad Odor from Organic Green Bins, Garbage Bins, Pet Odor, Locker rooms and any smelly surface. For use on solid and liquid matrices. Not to be used as Air Freshener.

Soon to be launched FDA and EPA compliant green products such as-

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